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Napleton Westmont Porsche

Our Interactive Showroom

Napleton's Westmont Porsche has launched game-changing consumer technology using iBeacon hardware and software.

At first sight, iBeacons are said to be the next frontier for consumer showroom engagement.

 What is iBeacon technology?

 Our showroom beacons allows an app to know exactly where the user of a smartphone is standing. Our Beacons can alert a device that its owner is standing in front of a car or an exact location in our dealership. Imagine walking around a vehicle in our showroom and product based information is being sent to your phone via text or video. We can even offer realtime promotions and incentives that can generate a better overall consumer shopping experience.

Lets take a minute to watch a quick video about our new interactive showroom. 


We hope you enjoyed learning about our interactive showroom.

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